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Creative Newsletter layouts for the North Carolina Writers' Network. created during my internship for Wisdom House Books in Chapel Hill. The assignment was to "make a newsletter that didn't look like a newsletter."

Interior sample pages for a Young Adult novel. Created during CRW 323 Bookbuilding, where I learned editing, type setting, and design. 

A poster for a group project from Integrated Marketing Communication. The goal of this assignment was to analyze a selected university's brand communication, and I worked with others to complete this assignment.

"Chevalier's Compass" middle grade short story of about 5,537 words. Created in CRW 420 Point of View workshop, where I listened to the critiques of others and used them to better my writing.

A blog post I wrote for the Chautauqua Literary Magazine on dealing with distractions. I was the manager of the Chautauqua social media pages and reflected responsibility in this position by by editing and keeping up with deadlines.

Creative Writing
Marketing and Design

Tip sheet created for a fictional Tina Fey novel. part of the CRW 321 Introduction to Publication final. Includes blurbs, pitches, author bio, and publication information

A cartoon screenplay created for th Intro to Screenwriting workshop, a class I didn't need for my major, but thoroughly enjoyed. Run time: approximately 15 minutes.

A social media marketing proposal for a fictional  MG novelCreated for Introduction to Publishing.

Theresa Duck

Online Portfolio

Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Intellectual Curiosity
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